Season 2,

2020: America’s Unexpected Cultural Force

February 06, 2020

2020: America’s Unexpected Cultural Force

frank talk: Shawn Taylor and Tracy Van Slyke. Special Guest: Jeff Yang

Continuing their exciting conversation from WONDERLAND season 1 on the power of pop culture fandoms and social change, in this episode we listen to excerpts of Pop Culture Collaborative Senior Fellow Shawn Taylor and WONDERLAND co-host’s Tracy Van Slyke’s separate, but deeply intertwined frank talks. They both share personal stories of how and why pop culture fandoms are the focus of their work, and present burning questions and big ideas that provide a framework for how self-organized groups of everyday people, along with their pop culture passions, are the next big thing for creating culture change. Bridgit and Tracy then call up Jeff Yang, cultural critic turned culture trend forecaster, to discuss his reactions to the frank talks, and dig into how fandoms are an unexpected, but powerful force in the 2020 election season. 

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